"Take me back to 93, to the start of  U and ME"

What's in the show

A full energy show that celebrates the music I was famous for. Sharing 2.0 versions of the 5 Cappella mega hits with a strong nod to my rave era history in SL2. I celebrate tracks that possessed me and I have never stopped dancing to. A celebration of Eurodance, rave and dance music that you can not stand still to.  

The Cappella years

In 93 and 94 I performed U got 2 Know, U got 2 let the music, Move on Baby, U and Me and Move it up as my live show. They charted in more than 30 countries all over the world. People remember the performer in me and it is still there. Performing these tracks now, but in a way that I put them together for performance is wonderful. I made original covers this year and you will come on a trip to the 90s with me for sure. 

the SL2 years

SL2 was the most amazing project to be a part of, the rave era was a dream. A unique time in music and a scene that matched, my show nods to this era and the part I played in it.