dancer - singer - performer

Life in the public eye started young, an obsession with music and endless energy led me to dancing on massive rave stages in the early 90's. This led to a Tv performance for Carl Cox for his track I Want You. It also led to me being part of the line up for SL2. Dj’s take control charted in the commercial charts and was followed by On A Ragga Tip, which was a huge hit in the UK and several other countries. Way in Brain was the final track and brought more chart success and a lot of performing. 

My success in SL2 led to me being approached by the producers of Cappella and I was asked to audition. I did, was offered it and then 2 years of a frenzy began.

 I performed the singles U got 2 Know, U got 2 let the music, Move on Baby, U and Me and Move it Up. They were hits in more than 30 countries. My unique style and energy created a strong following and my performances are still talked about today. 

Videos on You Tube have amassed more than 50 million views and my 28 year disappearance from the public eye has been met with intrigue. The audience demanded more sharing and more shows and I am loving every second.