What's NEW?!

... I am thrilled to share that I am collaborating with Mania 90 to come and perform in Italy this year. First event is April 26th in the beautiful square in Catania, Sicily. Details for this and many other events this year are in the events section. 

- I am also part of the incredible line up for the Vi Elsker events taking place all summer across Sweden and Denmark.

.... I am returning to Germany to perform as part of the spectacular 90s Supershow series. 

..... In August I am heading to Switzerland, a place I have travelled and truly love, but this year I get to be part of the line up for the amazing Venoge festival. 

take me away

Take Me Away is finished. This is one of the first tracks I remember completely possessing me.  The Slipmatt mix is so good. Authentically paying homage to the era in a way few can, Slipmatt has bridged the early 90's sound to today and it is just amazing to perform. Have a listen below!

Welcome to the new chapter of Kelly Overett

From SL2 to Cappella and beyond....


Where it all began...

Starting out in the UK rave scene, full of energy with a love of dance, becoming one of the stars of Eurodance in the early 90's and then disappearing from the public eye...