What's NEW?!

... Take Me Away is finished! You can stream it and buy it here. Add it to a play list, tag me, let's go back to the early 90s https://slinky.to/TakeMeAwayKO

... I am doing a surprise appearance at an event in the UK in July! I am also appearing on a TV show in the UK. Alongside performing on the 6th, 13th and 27th in Sweden as part of the wonderful Vi Elsker events.

.... August is all about shows. Denmark for more Vi Elsker on the 10th, 17th and 24th. Switzerland for the Venoge Festival on the 15th and finishing the month in Sicily with Mania 90 on the 31st. Plus a couple of surprises.  

.... In November I return to Germany for my first show there since 94, performing at the 90's Supershow in Koln! I had a special relationship with the German audience and am looking forward to remembering this time. 

Welcome to the new chapter of Kelly Overett

From SL2 to Cappella and beyond....


Where it all began...

Starting out in the UK rave scene, full of energy with a love of dance, becoming one of the stars of Eurodance in the early 90's and then disappearing from the public eye...